Should be required watching for Liberals and would-be Progressives.
Perhaps. But I can’t not let my conscience be my guide. Hopefully, that’s true of most people.

A text your humble bug sent to friends in the immediate aftermath of the verdict for the Derek Chauvin Trial (approx. 5pm, EST).

I know, Mr. Paul Mooney . . . I know. And, yeah, it WILL be starring Tom Hanks. WE ALL KNOW how Hollywood do.

An alternative title could be: ‘Thing That Happens on Days That End in “Y” . . . Also Happens Today, Too.’

*You said you wanted evolution.
The ape was a great, big hit.
You say you want a revolution, man,
And I say that you’re full of shit.

Yeah. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah.
Egging on and legitimizing blindly capitalist kakistocracies WILL NOT save us. Only “WE” will save “US.” Or . . . maybe Batman might. MAYBE.

I never troll. I’m DEAD-ASS serious, Frye-guy.

Hi. I’m Just a beetle. . . .

. . . just a beetle with progressive values, strident opinions, and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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