Should be required watching for Liberals and would-be Progressives.

Where’s the lie, though? Probably in the same place as all the “hope and change.”

Perhaps. But I can’t not let my conscience be my guide. Hopefully, that’s true of most people.

That strike should’ve happened. I have never more firmly believed that (NEO-)LIBERALISM is the truest enemy of PROGRESSIVES. …

I'm an atheist, and you got an "AMEN" out of this proud apostate. Excellent article: thought-provoking and engagingly written. Clear truth-to-power that's more than just well-constructed polemical flourishes (though, yeah, that as well) and tasty rhetoric (the tastiest).

PLEASE, keep speaking up and out from what seems to be a strong and reasonable ethical center. Broken people are gonna be broken ... especially in an Interwebz comments sections. But the harder they land on a reflective surface they don't like, the more potent that surface is, I've found. So, keep it up. You've got a Follower in me.

A text your humble bug sent to friends in the immediate aftermath of the verdict for the Derek Chauvin Trial (approx. 5pm, EST).

Derek Chauvin had just been found guilty on all counts, with sentencing to come. I texted the above message to a group chat with some friends.

I had been waiting with held breath alongside (over some airwaves) these friends for an hour that’d felt like eternity in an eye-blink. And…

beetle bailey

I’m just a bug with progressive values, strident opinions, and Interwebz. Black, ace/aro, a-gender, A-spec, ADHD. Âû. A-awesome. You’ve been warned.

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