Should be required watching for Liberals and would-be Progressives.

Where’s the lie, though? Probably in the same place as all the “hope and change.”

Perhaps. But I can’t not let my conscience be my guide. Hopefully, that’s true of most people.

That strike should’ve happened. I have never more firmly believed that (NEO-)LIBERALISM is the truest enemy of PROGRESSIVES. …

I'm an atheist, and you got an "AMEN" out of this proud apostate. Excellent article: thought-provoking and engagingly written. Clear truth-to-power that's more than just well-constructed polemical flourishes (though, yeah, that as well) and tasty rhetoric (the tastiest).

PLEASE, keep speaking up and out from what seems to be a strong and reasonable ethical center. Broken people are gonna be broken ... especially in an Interwebz comments sections. But the harder they land on a reflective surface they don't like, the more potent that surface is, I've found. So, keep it up. You've got a Follower in me.

You're one HELLUVA lady. You took the high-road with class, and still managed to say what SO MANY in similar shoes are thinking.

It ISN'T your fault she's a bitch and likely a Karen, too. And as much fun as she sucked out of this First for you ... she…

beetle bailey

I’m just a bug with progressive values, strident opinions, and Interwebz. Black, ace/aro, a-gender, A-spec, ADHD. Âû. A-awesome. You’ve been warned.

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