To my White Friends: You can be “colorblind” and “not see color, only people” all you like. You can be blind and willfully ignorant, and stick your nose in a yoga cookbook for six 5EVAHS. But as one of — or maybe your only? — Black Friends . . . I don’t have that luxury. Nor does anyone’s Black Friend(s). Nor do their parents, friends, and children. Nor will their grandchildren’s grandchildren. And certainly not with a significant portion of the population who benefits from this problem — or at least is not suffering under it — making themselves “colorblind” and continuing to “not see,” the things that they don’t want to deal with and confront.

That kind of delusional avoidance and rose-colored bullshit is a privilege no should have while fellow human beings are going through shit like the above, and sometimes even being injured and killed. And not just because some people see nothing but color, but because some refuse to see or acknowledge it at all.

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