Aaaaand they’re lynching eight year olds.

Yep. You read right. And if you’re surprised, you haven’t been paying any attention for, like . . . ever.

I really doubt the bland, Pollyanna-ish natter and pandering of any Centrist is gonna fix this or prevent it from happening again. Politics-as-usual in a broken, two-party system isn’t going to prevent it. Another Emmett Till is only a matter of time. And not a lot of it, either. This is a fight only Progressives can win. You may not fight fire with fire, but you sure can’t put out that fire by compromising with it about who and what it burns, either. Fuck Centrism and fence-sitting. If you’re gonna be about Progress, then BE ABOUT IT. No more baby-steps and waiting. No more going slow and appeasement. No more hand-holding and coddling precious, butt-hurt feelings. EIGHT YEAR OLDS are getting lynched. Why do I even have to say that twice? Does this poor kid have to be DEAD before he matters? Will he matter even then?

(Seriously, what will it take? Is there an actual number or ballpark figure of lynched children, or are some of you silent folk and fence-sitters kinda winging it. . . ?)

I don’t understand how everyone either can’t see the connection in their politics and the way this country trends, empathy-wise . . . or don’t care enough, or at all. If you’re not thirsting for big change or a fucking revolution . . . are you even paying attention? Do you see? Do you care? How does the sense of injustice and heartache and rage that is eating me from the inside out not even break you out in a light sweat?

Fix this country. Help us fix it. PLEASE. Or watch it burn to the ground. And then place bets on what evil-idiot ideology comes out on top in our Mad Max-meets-Tank Girl, but SUPER-WORSE future. (Hint: The winning ideology will NOT be interested in listening to all sides and being fair to all participants. Nor will it be kind or tolerant to the “moderates” and Centrists among us who don’t have enough self-preservation instincts/empathy/foresight to realize they’re next on the chopping block.)

. . . and my stomach was just violently ill. Pretty much the way it’s been since Charlottesville. They are hanging people, children-people, because of skin color. Like they did a century ago and for the centuries before that. And some of you think a CENTRIST, who needs to “evolve” on issues of morals/ethics/empathy is going to be a problem-solver? The leader this country needs? Over someone who marched with Civil Rights activists and who knows that if the worst side wins, people like him will be one of the first they come after? And for whom equality, justice, and safety are PERSONAL and practical, not just Situational Ethics 101? I disagree. Strongly. But even if we disagree, our ultimate goals, at least, are complementary. Are righteous. We mostly disagree on method. That’s workable. Not optimal, but workable.

But for those who simply don’t give a shit or think moderation or appeasing neo-Nazis or not giving brown people handouts or more “privileges” — like the privilege of being reasonably certain that your eight year old will NOT be lynched just for his skin color — is more important than the lives of brown children . . . Fuck you. Sincerely. I doubt you’re actually reading this, or even friended or following me, but in case you are, from the very bottom of my brown, brown heart . . . Fuck you.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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