When it gets down to it, HUMANS are mostly cowards, in this same fashion. But when the group of humans under discussion is the group in power, and is the group that has been since EVER--when one gains the most from an oppressive and unjust system, well. . . .

It's an ESPECIALLY not-good look on homo sapiens.

Evils and ignorance MUST be overcome. Cowardice in the face of injustice, suffering, and death--in the face of fellow humans being mistreated and devalued and slo-motion destroyed/exterminated--are the worst facets of cowardice. EVIL definitely equals allowing and doing these awful things to fellow humans . . . humans one refuses to even see as people. But WORSE evil is knowing that that the aforementioned is wrong and sick and cruel . . . but remaining silent and still because the status quo isn’t harming one and/or is actually BENEFITING one.

If one doesn't even have the courage of one's evil convictions enough to carry the tiki torches, tie the fucking nooses, and shoot unarmed teens in the back--if one's not outright upholding the disgusting policies one may not have created but from which one most CERTAINLY benefits--then one is a fucking coward and leech.

If you're gonna Nazi, go full Nazi. Be ABOUT that shit and own it. Don't shuffle in discomfort on the sidelines, then walk home with all the perks, mumbling about having a "good heart."

If you're gonna NOT-Nazi, then fucking speak. SHOUT until your voice breaks and your throat ruptures. Then shout some more. ACT in ways that help--even small, unglamorous ones. Hell, SIGNAL BOOST, if that's the limit of your safe involvement and abilities, at the moment. Do whatever you can, because whatever it is, it's still more than absolutely nothing.

DO SOMETHING AND SAY SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Stand up and be counted with the righteous, because the day may come when active, determined evil comes knocking down YOUR door--with or without a warrant--and all the people that could have and would have stood with YOU will already be in mass graves.

EVIL SPREADS. Faster than you think and faster than many can imagine. Like a shark, it never stops swimming, because if it stopped, it would die. So it must BE STOPPED. Then inoculated against with knowledge and constant vigilance. Because on its own, it'll eventually come for YOU. Really. It will. And the LONGER it takes to get to YOU, the more likely you are to be one of the LAST who knows and supposedly sees the difference between good and evil, justice and injustice. And that sight that might--along with speech and action--once have saved you will do no one any good. And YOU'LL not only have no one left to stand with you . . . you'll also have NO ONE ELSE to blame.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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