Bernie Sanders, and What’s “Obvious.”

Indeed, Red Ross.
Mmm. I love the taste of White Tears in the evening. This is looking like a BIG-ASS mug-full.
You’re fuckin’-A, it is.

. . . .

Compu’er sez “NOOOOOOOO.”
UHMMMMM. . . .
More like . . . taking them and any other jewelry or loose accessories off.
Or this . . . as long as that’s a gin martini, and not a vodka. I hate vodka.
I dunno, but it was moving at the speed of BULLSHIT.
Bless your heart. Yeah, sarcastically, but also seriously. It’s kinder and more rose-colored than mine. Our realities and world-views are VERY different.
There we go.
If I used this gif as often as I’ve had CAUSE to use it. . . .
Yeah, but only a little.
And I’m not interested in trolling by rabid, racist Bernie Bros. I will take motherfuckers apart, piece by piece, like a Lego wall.
There’s a LOTTA Imperialist shit still standing ONLY because an unnamed, crazy-ass motherfucker was too lazy to invest in a gas-can and a zippo. But spite and rage can eventually give more wings than energy drinks, so. . . .

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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