Class, Class, Working Class, Quackity-Quack-Quack. White Progressives: Come Get Your Boy.

It’s not working class white people who are racists, it’s the politicians playing both sides against the middle. Sure. Uh-huh. Right.

The offending politicians certainly aren’t running on an existing and powerful platform of racism. They’re just ginning up this rare and unusual sentiment by scaring good ‘Murricans who’d NEVER, otherwise, have a racist bone in their body.


Except for the part about politicians screwing and conning everyone, as usual, when it comes to anything beyond purely working class white woes, Bernie Sanders is fucking WRONG. Not surprising, since he, too, is a career politician. One who thinks he can separate race from class whenever it fucking suits him, then acts flabbergasted when the white working class he so reveres turns out for him — but POCs, working class or not, don’t and won’t, no matter how much he panders (not much at all).

He, too, in his own ways, drives a wedge between race and class, instead of uniting the two natural allies. He benefits from it and encourages it — perpetuates it, but in a way white so-called Progressives can live with. For a guy who marched with Dr. King, he clearly didn’t learn much from the man or the Movement, or the amazing leaders and supporters of Civil Rights he must have stood shoulder to shoulder with.

He walked with greatness and took away nothing, except for a flawed instinct for when to pander and a VERY flawed idea of how to effectively do so.

To which, I say: If he can’t even pander properly to people looking for any excuse to hope . . . he, too, wasn’t fit to be president. He’s just another lying-ass, patronizing, old fraud whose pet projects/ideologies/ethos trump entire segments of America (every POC and other minority).

Progressives: Keep your white saviors who only PRETEND to care about racism and its UNDENIABLE ties to class, and then ONLY if they absolutely HAVE to. Keep playing the same game the elephants and jackasses play, then watch what passes for your tiny-ass contingent of democratic socialists die the same slow-strangled death coming for U.S’s major political parties. POC are hip to YOUR JIVE, too, and us by and large shilling for the LESSER of 2016’s two great evils — who, then, STILL didn’t become president, even with getting more votes — wasn’t the only thing that cost you the presidency. Many POC and even a few white people simply saw you for what you really are: Another corrupt, spineless, two-faced, elderly-white-male politician, pandering to a base that doesn’t include POC except when it’s convenient/necessary for your career.

Do better, Progressives. Or die off. You want people — especially people of color — to vote their consciences, instead of with the party that tells the most palatable, least-terrible lies? Want us to pad your lily-white, working class ranks? Then fucking run candidates with ACTUAL consciences, and who then use them. And use their spines, too, while we’re asking for the improbable. Run candidates who actually DO unite, rather than divide along racial lines, just like every jackass and elephant that came before them. Give people something different. Give them real hope and proactive change. And keep giving it to us and showing us you’re the real deal, or fuck right-the-fuck-off with your working-classes-unite! horseshit. If you’re not talking class AND race AND gender AND INTERSECTIONALITY, I’m not here for it. Fuck you. Go unite the very diverse and equality-minded states of Vermont and New Hampshire (well, diverse and equality-minded UNLESS the person on the receiving end is of a POC, in which case their eight year old may have been recently lynched, or their entire family may have been harassed and threatened out of the state, after daring to run for public office).

Your boy, Sanders, is just more of the same racist, lying, opportunistic, pandering pieces of shit who ALL need to shut up and go extinct. Like the other old reptiles that had the grace to die-out when the future came burning out of the sky and shouting their name.

Come get your boy, before a comet beats you to him.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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