Followed! Great article, well-written and full of heart and passion and empathy. Thank you.

Also, regarding the commenters taking aim at this piece: Haters gonna hate. They’ll play semantics (quibbling over whether they’re privileges or “advantages,” while eight year olds get lynched in Modern America) and call you an SJW for trying to make the world a better and just place by reaching out. None of which is cool, but is, of course, par for the course.

But there’s at least one person down there, besides me who appreciates this piece and your work. And I have no doubt there are more. So keep doing you, Mr. Crass. Because no matter what random, angry assholes opine — then do nothing to actually try to help — you’re making a difference in this world. And a good one. Even if it’s just your part of it and of the Internet.

And, speaking as someone without a lot of privileges — born a black and cis woman in America, who identifies as NB and Pan(romantic), and battling a jolly collection of mental health issues — but a handful of marginalizing facets, someone who stands up and speaks out for what’s right is always gonna be better (and draw the fire) of the people with no compass and no interest in anything other than dancing around/avoiding the real issues: the pain/suffering/disenfranchisement of a significant portion of their country and their planet.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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