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  • Julia Kramer

    Julia Kramer

    MS in Criminology & Criminal Justice // Consumer of too much true crime for a girl with a panic disorder.

  • Fatim Hemraj

    Fatim Hemraj

    True Crime • Justice • Equality ~ TBI survivor 🎈 join Medium with my referral link: https://fatimhemraj.medium.com/membership

  • Kristen Tsetsi

    Kristen Tsetsi

    Pasta Lover| Fiction Writer | Former adj. prof, journo, Stay Puff, cab driver, etc. | Co-host, ChildfreeGirls.com | KristenJTsetsi.com

  • M. J. Goode-Leake

    M. J. Goode-Leake

    I’m a retiree, nomadically traveling full-time around North American. I’m an aspiring creative fiction romance writer about baby boomers.

  • Skippy von Alte Welt

    Skippy von Alte Welt

    Poet, soldier, philosopher, retired. Lover of moderates, humor, imagination, creativity, freedom, intelligence, and satire. I love my wife, children, and my dog

  • Arts Origin

    Arts Origin

    Food, Recipes, Art & Bliss. ArtsOrigin.com

  • Geraldine DeRuiter

    Geraldine DeRuiter

    Founder of the award-winning (wait, what?) Everywhereist blog. My memoir, ALL OVER THE PLACE, out now: http://www.everywhereist.com/all-over-the-place/

  • Library Thug

    Library Thug

    savage book summaries

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