Henry’s Story

Thank you for this, Rachel R. This is horrific and it hurts like fire. I can’t imagine living through this or even hearing secondhand stories from a beloved grandparent.

People who want to be like the human filth that committed these atrocities against innocent people and children, are the people Trump is having difficulties distancing himself from and disavowing. People like Henry were treated with a cruelty that is breathtaking and without a doubt meant to inflict as much suffering, degradation, and despair as possible. People did this to other people, when left to their own devices and those of a anti-Semitic, racist, bigoted leader whom they let into office — whom they let cow and frighten them into voting for him — and some of you wonder why I won’t shut up? Why I CAN’T? Why I’m calling shit out that scares me and rings a warning klaxon? Even with fighting against this evil as best they could, so many innocents died. Suffered and died. And if we, now, don’t fight, too, we’ll go down the same path. Only there’ll be no General Patton and his tanks to save us. Because all the good and reasonable people will be dead.

Keep your Centrists and your censure of the discussions you’re tired of having. Keep you respectability politics, tone policing, and butt-hurt. Opt out if you can and choose to. I can do neither and wouldn’t if I could. This world is an organic system. Like a body, everything is connected. And if enough cells die, so does the whole organism. Even if that weren’t the case, this, the HOLOCAUST, what happened and what could happen again, is WRONG. If you’re not enraged and heartbroken, what is WRONG with you? Seriously, where is your sense of empathy and justice? Why aren’t people PEOPLE to you? And why can’t you see that eventually . . . It’ll be YOUR TURN to be segregated into ghettos, forced into labor camps, and/or lined up against a wall? Or marched into showers or an oven?

It already happened once. And history has a way of repeating itself.

How does none of this matter to you, and why aren’t you making yourself heard, if you claim it does?

STAND UP. SPEAK UP. Even now, it is literally life and death for some of us, and YOU ARE NEXT. When it comes to the machinery of hatred, there’s ALWAYS someone who’s next. Don’t pretend to be blind to that. Your day will come, and if trends continue, there may be no one left to collect your remains, or remember who you were and what you suffered. There’ll be no one left to even bear witness.

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