Hi. I think you make a good core point. BUT.

I’m agender (AFAB) and Black. I’ve been called “she.” I’ve been called racial slurs — though, thankfully, I have NOT been the victim of a physically violent hate crime. But knowing people who HAVE, and what they’ve been through makes your casual analogy even more stark, insulting, unempathetic, and woefully misinformed.

There should be no comparison between events that take place in the Oppression Olympics. Since you teach, you’ve likely heard and read Audre Lorde’s opinions on the matter.

There are FAR worse things to be called or taken for than female (or male or both or neither). THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH femininity of any stripe or however it presents, even though some people wield it as if there is (purposeful misgendering is AWFUL and cruel, and even accidental slips can cause havoc and hurt). But the traits implied by racial and ethnic slurs? They ONLY have that one terrible set of meanings. People who don’t identify as male or present that way, calling someone who is masc-presenting “man” isn’t necessarily said to hurt or harm.

Racial, ethnic, and other slurs by people not of that group? ARE.

For me and probably a lot of other people of color who identify as trans — or who don’t — they’ll tell you that whatever slur they get called by people not in their groups is worse than being misgendered. Because the person who misgenders might be mistaken/uninformed, but ultimately not mean ill. The person hurling slurs NEVER IS.

If that’s a difference you can’t recognize and appreciate, I don’t know what else to tell you or suggest.

I think you’re on-point, that gendered language needs to be done-away with. But your irresponsible and super-privileged hyperbole doesn’t help your case. You can be right on the issue and wrong in the argument made for said issue. PLEASE defend your premise with more sensitivity and care. Intersectionality is REAL, and you are NOT only speaking to, of, and for white, masc-presenting professors. But you may be ensuring that those are the only people who are inclined to listen to you.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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