Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate in USELESS “Allies”

When the best you’ve got going for you politically is: “Eh, she’s better than Trump, I guess?” You might want to examine your politics and your standards, is what I’m hinting at so subtly. Also? WHY are we fighting Nazis again/still three-quarters of a century after our (GREAT-)GRANDPARENTS won that War? For serious?

Than answer to either question — or, really, ANY others — is NOT Hillary Clinton. And it never will be.

And now I actively feel gross for having voted for her in the election. Not just hypocritical, cowardly, and mastered by my own fears — like I settled for “at least it ain’t Trump,” when I should have aspired to better for myself, my country, and my world — but actually GROSS. I was asleep, and that’s no excuse. ‘Sleep-people are part of the reason why this country is where it is. We can’t blame it all on the goddamned Nazis. Our grandparents fought those assholes and WON. So, WE? Can’t blame it all on the fucking Nazis.

I certainly don’t blame the U. S.’s descent into Hell on Hillary Clinton, either. That’d be blaming a fever for having caught the flu. The fever is a symptom and warning sign that something is terribly wrong and that help is needed. That if THIS is what your body has to do to feel and get better . . . you might be very, very ill.

I don’t know what Hillary Clinton knew or when she knew it, regarding the Weinstein allegations. But I have real doubts that whatever, whenever, she gives any actual fucks other than how it impacts her career and rep. Which is par for the course politician-ing (sadly) but the fact is, I always expect BETTER from women. Even from those who’ve been spoon-fed and marinating in white privilege and class privilege. Or I did. I expected better from a woman who benefits from and courts the support of (white) feminists AND intersectional feminists. I expect better behavior from the Christopher “Kid” Reids of the country, who mock Colin Kaepernick for being the STRONG BLACK MAN that they don’t even have a fucking clue about being. I EXPECT BETTER from people who should KNOW BETTER. And Hillary comes from white privilege, no doubt. SOUTHERN white privilege. But she? SHOULD know better. But I have NO faith or hope that she actually does. That right or wrong matter to her as much as her power and her rule of her law.

She’s just another career politican. Not better or worse. Just disheartening and depressing because she’s a common wolf, in sheep’s clothing.

YEAH, I hold her to a higher standard than other white feminist female politicians. She was trying to be my PRESIDENT, so, that’s my prerogative. And I exercised that prerogative and right, if rather too late to make a statement of it. But if YOU didn’t and don’t — IF — don’t land on ME for doing so. Read YOU before you read ME.

The lesser of two evils is still an EVIL. There’s no bending that, or mitigating it or excusing it. And when we settle for a LESSER evil, we get exactly what we deserve (BIG, DAMN EVIL, shoved right up our craven, compromising, collective asses). Unfortunately, so do the minority who took a risk and stood behind a leader who actually might be GOOD.

I woke up. That’s all and that’s how that went. How it continues to go. And until this continent is a smoking, irradiated hole in the face of this planet, it’s NEVER too late to wake the fuck up. Truth.

(Note: Italicized content added for Medium post.)

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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