Humanity Doesn’t Have an “AI” Problem. Humanity has a “humans” problem.

beetle bailey
11 min readApr 7, 2024

I’m back — and so soon after the last post! What the fudge…?!

So, this put a couple hours worth of rumination in my smooth-ass brain. All I really have to say about the mischegoss currently passed off as AI — other than FUCK CAPITALISM — is:

Artificial Intelligence

The Turing Test

The Chinese Room

Computational Theory of Mind

Well, those links were just the barest references that informs my thoughts, rudimentary though they are — and they’ll do as a bare minimum, common definition for what I say. And, for the record, I dunno shit about computers, really. Nor am I an ethical scholar. Full disclosure, and on, we go.

And now, comes the Battle of our Age…?

Though I am, essentially, a functionalist (your wooden board on two cinderblocks IS a coffee table if you use it that way), conferring personhood (“intelligence”) on anything, organic or inorganic, is a far higher bar, necessarily, than conveying coffee table-hood. It MATTERS ever so much more. And the more extraordinary the claim (“this is not a thing but a person, an Artificial Intelligence”), the more extraordinary the proof must be. And the more rigorous and lengthy the process of even beginning to define personhood — what even is the “intelligence” part of…



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