I reject your rejection of my rejection of your superstition

Offended, religionists? Good. Come at me, bro. And bring falsifiable proof.

This picture is worth every word of every argument or excuse or apology anyone could ever make about every god. Believe what you will. Humans do that against all reason, logic, and sanity, and have for eons. But some of us who don’t feel the need for the God Hypothesis see you rushing to worship a god or gods who stand by, either powerless or unmoved, and let this happen to children. And it IS either one or the other. Your sky-fairy is either impotent and pointless, or omnipotent and doesn’t care. (Though your hesitation to choose which is understandable, as frozen incompetence and entrenched apathy can look astonishingly similar.)

Or perhaps — and here’s an interesting third option — your sky-fairy doesn’t exist at all, and children will continue to starve into living, then dead skeletons forever. Unless the hands engaged in useless prayer actually DO SOME FUCKING WORK THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

. . . Just a thought.

Claims made without (falsifiable) proof can be dismissed without consideration. And I certainly shall. Your imaginary/invisible friend(s) and the “holy” books they inspired eleventy-one thousand years before the inventions of sliced bread, scientific method, the ability to reason, and sanity, are invalid. To every civilization and every era, there is a season. And it’s long past time to put away childish things for good.

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