I remember Judith Barsi so well. Her voice. I LOVED her in The Land Before Time (she played Ducky!). I've always remembered her name and her beautiful little VOICE--she was one of the reasons that I've always kept tract of VO actors and where they turn up. But I had never found out how she died until now ... that she was killed by her parent.

One of my adult family members must have told me that she had died--I was eight when she was killed--but didn't or wouldn't tell me how. I'd eventually assumed leukemia or cancer or something terminal. Maybe because a friend of mine died of leukemia when she was ten. Now I know the truth and ... it's far worse.

This didn't have to happen. Not with all the signs, including the father saying that he would kill his wife and daughter. I'm surprised at how much this truth ACHES thirty-three years later. She was only ten when she died and only two years older than me. She'd be forty-three, now. Still two years older than me. That's a hard thing to re-hear and re-realize. To metabolize.

Thank you for reporting on it. I hope her story saves families and lives. This didn't need to happen.

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