I think that fearing the returns of the racism one’s ancestors, if not oneself, have sowed is a facet of racism. It falls under that umbrella, not the reverse.

Just like “Nazi-sympathizer” is a nice way of saying “half-assed Nazi,” so these Trump voters are racists. They’re just half-assed ones without the courage of their convictions. No glossing over that or kinder monikers will make that less true for the majority of POC that racist voting patterns and lack of empathy affect. Distinguishing between the EXACT degree to which a racist is racist is of no moment. Because no one but that racist can ever be sure about that degree. No one knows what’s in someone else’s mind/heart. And they can’t. No one can be perfectly sure that someone won’t go off and kill someone else for no reason at all. We can only HOPE that most people won’t do that. Hope that most people are at least enlightened pragmatists and relatively sane.

But with some people . . . we realize the futility of that hope. Some people (Nazis and their ilk) are more rabid dogs than misinformed people with misdirected anger. Kind and balanced monikers are the least of their problems or ours. It’s true that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar, but most of these flies will never be caught by either. And I’m tired of policing my tone and playing respectable when the other side isn’t doing that at all and never will. I’m done with differences that have no real distinctions. I’m done mincing and waiting and turning the other cheek. I have no uninjured cheeks left. I’m calling “racism” wherever I see it in whatever capacity, be it five percent, or ninety-nine percent.

So, while I agree with a lot of what you’ve said, find it insightful and calm and positive — hopeful — I and a lot of people I know are sick of giving racists the benefit of the doubt. Not wanting to be a minority in one’s own country is understandable. America does HORRIBLE things to minorities, including kill them. On a DAILY basis, at least. But that doesn’t excuse selfish, deplorable behavior. Nothing does. These racists have REASONS, but they will NEVER have excuses. And if this is how they choose to defend themselves, by putting a man who’s so evil and insane he’s taunting a near-nuclear North Korea — which, is even more evil and crazy than I gave him credit for — on the throne of their precious ‘Murrica, then I won’t hold back in defending myself and MY rights and needs. And that includes calling them what they are. What their actions and voting patterns proclaim them.

(And I freely acknowledge the US/THEM-thinking this reply reveals. But just because one is paranoid, DOES NOT mean THEY are not out to get YOU.)

Just my POV and thoughts in response to a well-written and laid-out article. No shade thrown. I see you and hear your voice. I may not agree with everything you say, but your words are powerful and ring with your truth.

Thank you. For this article and the thought, insight, and enviable compassion behind it. Followed! And shared in my social media. Have a good one.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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