If enough people standing behind you tell you you’ve got a tail . . . eventually, you may wanna look around and see what’s going on back there. Just sayin’.

When Germans Call You a Nazi

Germany droppin’ SCIENCE. Do you see this, ‘Murrica? Do you get it? Do you care?

When GERMANY thinks you’re a Nazi . . . eventually, ya gotta stop seig-heiling while watching InfoWars, or polishing your swastikas and purchasing tiki torches, and do some self-reflection. Which, of course — perhaps incorrectly — presumes that you actually realize/care that these actions, and the observations on Nazism from the country that created it and turned it in high-fucking-art, MATTER. That these actions are harming innocents. That Germany is trying to warn us for our own sake and the sake of the entire world. And that perpetrating and perpetuating these crimes against HUMANITY in the face of worldwide outrage and alarm and warning — in the face of all of history and the immutable damage humanity has done to itself for less than no reason — isn’t just illegal. It is EVIL. No ifs, ands, or buts. No, “Yeah, but”s. No false equivalencies or respectability politics. No letting the other side have it’s differing opinions and shaking hands.

Sometimes, it really is as fucking simple as picking a side: speaking-fighting-standing for good, or falling for evil. . . .

. . . I would hope that this is all the obvious being belabored, ad nauseam. That may, however, be a lot to presume, on my part.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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