If your forebears fought or died upholding a flag and anthem — what they stood for — lucky them if they actually got to taste the fruits of their sacrifices. My forebears didn’t. And I never will.

It’s funny/sad/enraging because it’s true. I will not pay respect to a flag or its ideals when those ideals are not and never have been lived up to. There’s more justice behind a checkered table-cloth than there is behind the American flag. I find more inspiration/hope in songs about ants lifting rubber tree-plants than I do in the American national anthem. So, no shade on the people who died upholding freedoms and ideals that maybe they got to enjoy while others, including my grandparents and parents, NEVER DID and I never WILL, but FUCK the kind of nationalism that says respect a flag but allows for one to disrespect the equality and justice everyone deserves. That flag and anthem mean nothing to me because they were never MEANT for me, and don’t tell, suggest, hint, or imply that I should feel otherwise until you’ve walked a mile in even MY SHOES, never mind my parents’ or grandparents’ shoes, or my great-great-grandparents’ chains. My forebears have fought in ‘Murrica’s wars, too. But they died without receiving the benefits of the freedom they nearly lost their lives/limbs for.

‘Murrica wasn’t made for people like me. We were never welcome here, never wanted as anything other than slave labor and spectacle. If you don’t believe me about that, ask YOUR Founding Fathers for whom they meant their precious Constitution and Independence and equality. Because here’s a hint: That “whom”? Weren’t me, or anyone dark enough to get the side-eye from frightened, precious white women and sneering, hateful white men.


Civil disobedience in the form of respectfully taking a knee during an anthem this country hasn’t earned — or sit-ins or peaceful marches — gets no traction or positive/thoughtful consideration. No empathy or understanding. No one saying: “Respect the freedom to dissent! That’s the freedom on which ‘Murrica was built!” As those same angry flag-wavers jump to defend the hate speech of Nazis.

But if shit got real and suddenly we, dark people, went as terrorist on White’Murrica as it’s been on us for hundreds of years — lynching small children and murdering pregnant women, and such, to touch on merely two atrocities that have happened more than once — we’d be violent animals.

Because it’s only freedom-fighting if the fighters are white and the antagonist is King George.

Oh, ‘Murrica. Your double standards have never been more apparent and disgusting.

Until America lives up to the lies it likes to believe about itself, the flag and anthem are just meaningless cloth and music that protect and represent no one but Wypipo. And not even all of them, it seems. Fuck paying lip-service that doesn’t serve me and people of color. And fuck anyone who is arrogant and unfeeling enough to demand compliance and complicity from the people whose suffering they ignore in favor of cloth and shitty music.

Fuck paying lip-service to A FLAG AND A SONG when people aren’t EVEN paying lip-service to the deaths of innocents and eight year old children being lynched by teenagers.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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