I’ve read the “flag/anthem is a symbol my ancestors fought/died for” angle before, Alice, and while I’m not invalidating it, I’m calling it out as a Strawman response — though perhaps it’s an unintended one — in the face of my truth, my experience, and my ultimate point on all this. A million good people can die for an ideal that some think is summed up in a song and/or flag. That doesn’t make those items actually mean anything when they don’t mean the same protection, safety, justice, and equality for all. Your forebears fought for a freedom they and their descendants could/would enjoy. Mine fought for nothing.

So, in this case, our experiences and truths differ. I don’t expect you to grok mine just as I will likely never live long enough for the flag and anthem to be anything more than symbols of lies and disappointments and injustice/inequality/hypocrisy for me, my ancestors, my descendants (assuming I have any) and anyone who looks even a little like us. But thanks for caring enough to respond and engage.


. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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