My! You must be exhausted from so much moving of all your goalposts — especially with all those cumbersome strawmen tied to them. . . !

Your bad-faith assertions and claims — lacking in evidence and common sense — are showing.

No one said you had to like women of color desiring at least accurate representation of themselves for the part of the world in which a show takes place — and that foreign directors DO SOME RESEARCH on the place about which they create content.

You don’t have to like people who look and are different from you wanting fair and accurate representation, at all.

You’re not required to be a decent or thoughtful (in the actual thought-and-consideration-given-to-information-and-observations sense) human being. That isn’t mandatory anywhere on this planet.

So, don’t go around gaslighting the truth and experiences of women of color — AND ACTUAL, LITERAL DATA AND FACTS that support those truths and experiences— because you ALSO don’t like what YOUR DISLIKES, and particularly skewed priorities and opinions say about you. If you don’t like women of color calling out white supremacy, stay out of their blogs and websites and other conversations, when they do so. Nobody invited you here or begged for your presence and thoughts on anything being presented. Disagree, all you like, but don’t come in here devaluing and dismissing FACT and TRUTH.

Because that’s what you’re doing. Women of color are saying: “We hurt. This is making us hurt WORSE — making us bleed.”

And your response is: “You’re fine, you’re not hurting. That’s not blood. Don’t over-react.”

Even unintentional racism hurts because intent doesn’t change results, does it? An accidental hit-and-run is just as deadly as a premeditated one. INTENTION, even if it can be nailed-down, is NO EXCUSE. Results are what they are. And you’re making excuses for culprits, likely because you recognize yourself in them.

After all, one doesn’t have to light a cross on fire on someone’s lawn, to benefit from white supremacy and systemic racism. You don’t have to shout the N-word at the top of your lungs five times a day to be a racist.

And no matter what YOUR intent is in trying to DISPROVE the truths of women of color and the data that backs it up, whether your whitesplaining and mansplaining is conscious or not, the result is the same: GASLIGHTING.

How DARE you tell someone what their own life experiences are or what they mean, and whether or not they should be talked about or even matter? How DARE you attempt to invalidate the opinions of women of color because YOU don’t like those opinions? How DARE YOU, rather than listening and trying to see a point other than your own — or even just agreeing to disagree and letting it lie there — try to convince women of color and especially BLACK WOMEN that they don’t recognize racism when they see it, feel it, and LIVE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY?


Your supremacist leanings are showing. And your responses only confirm and put a fine point on WHO YOU ARE. Every fumbling, transparent logical fallacy you poorly attempt to use as distraction and misdirection, is a flaming bulls-eye, not a witty, subtle coup de grace, as you seem to think.

WE SEE YOU. You aren’t the first or last, and you’re damn-sure not the worst. Not the worst we’ve striven against, not the worst we’ve survived, and not the worst we’ve overcome.

Your racism’s so unoriginal and uninspired, I find the execution of it more insulting than the racism, itself.

Did the dog also eat your homework?

Ugh, bring your A-game, next time. OR . . . just go be a blatantly racist, white supremacy-apologist somewhere that isn’t ZORA, a publication which, in part, celebrates the striving against, surviving despite, and overcoming of people like YOU . . . and worse people, still.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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