“ No one even knows what reparations will be or who they will be paid to.”

Exactly. So, perhaps it’s at last time, then, for everyone to sit down and figure it out. Then, America can start keeping some of it’s promises and its PROMISE.

If America can’t be true to its word (even if it takes nearly two centuries to get there) given to its own formerly-enslaved citizens who fought and died to keep this Union together, America isn’t worth the constitution its printed on.

And perhaps it doesn’t want to be. But if it wishes to abdicate its responsibility as a moral authority, it needs to admit that to its immorality and stop pretending to be any sort of ethical arbiter in this world. Moral authorities pay their debts and address the wrongs they’ve committed. They remunerate people as promised for hundreds of years of work (as well as enduring abuse and torture — physical and sexual — and the purposeful genocide of enslaved persons’ cultures) that’s been done.

Moral authorities support the backbone and blood on which their own generationally held wealth was built.

So, yes. It’s time and past for EVERYONE to sit down and figure out what reparations are, to whom they go, and when — though, I’d say the answer for that last is “soon.” The two hundred years anniversary draws nearer. Broken and unacknowledged promises don’t mend themselves in time, only grow deeper and foster distrust, resentment, and divisiveness, after all. False promises don’t keep a breaking and broken Union together forever.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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