Prioritizing: Respectability politics and tone-policing vs. the slaughter of innocents . . . YOU MAKE THE CALL

Respectability politics and tone-policing is BULLSHIT when people are fucking DYING and have been for centuries. If one can’t get strident and angry about NAZIS and racists perpetrating violence on innocent people — mowing them down with cars and ganging up on them and beating them half, if not all the way to death, then there’s no place for strident or righteous anger — FURY — in this world. Thank you for getting that. I get tired of saying it and looking for different ways to say it. I can’t separate my valid anger from my words or reason. And I wouldn’t want to. My anger IS my reason. It would be unreasonable, irrational, and illogical not to be angry about an escalating evil that has claimed countless lives. To not let that anger motivate and sustain, when sometimes nothing else will. It is unreasonable, in a society, to be so without empathy and so blinded by what-the-fuck-ever, that the suffering of others can be invalidated and dismissed from one’s purview by: “Well, dear, you catch more flies with honey. . . .”

Thank you to Heidi for inspiring this effort.

And thank you to Julia for sharing THIS well-written article. White friends who feel pissed that I’m not addressing their sore feelings like they think I should, may want to read this. If someone who’s living in privilege, a fellow white person is saying you have to acknowledge privilege — not wear a hair-shirt over it, but acknowledge and maybe empathize, if you can, maybe even work to dismantle it — then hopefully that will reach your mind and heart in a way I clearly will never be able to.

Skin color matters. And the fact that this article writer is NOT being shouted down for talking about privilege is proof. So, acknowledge your privilege, without angst, but with empathy or at least sympathy. Check your ego — PLEASE, check your fucking ego, because my pain, the pain of billions is LITERALLY NOT ABOUT YOU, the personal you or the royal you — and open your eyes. Life and living it more or less safely, and without fear, is a PRIVILEGE which some people have more of than others, due to nothing more than a variation in complexion decreed by evolving in different climates. Your butt-hurt over imaginary insults is invalid, because ain’t nobody got time to hurt YOU.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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