Same — I give the “Mammy” vibe, too, I suppose. I’m fat and have a Teddy bear-face. Of course, within five minutes of meeting me, any dumbass oblivious enough to still hold on to that impression gets what they deserve. It took me far too long, as far as I’m concerned, to narrow down who I am. Now, I live what I know unapologetically and vehemently. Stridently, even.

Though, I have to say, I dig the element of surprise that so many people’s belief in stereotypes — even some Black people — gives me. I dig being able to remove spinal columns, Mortal Kombat-style (and metaphorically speaking), because MY first blood is so unexpected. People who don’t pay attention, never expect cold, no-holds-barred (merciless) reason from ME. Or the ability to shred arguments, ideas, beliefs, hopes, dreams . . . souls . . . all with the bright-eyed zeal and reservoir of spite one might think would belong to someone with a MUCH leaner body and meaner face :-D

Not to mention, more melanin-deficient skin.

Stereotypes are never the friends of the people who believe in them. But SOMETIMES . . . sometimes, they help me make my own fun.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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