Six Months On: Much-Needed Support from my January-Self, to My July-Self. Àṣẹ, àṣẹ.

If you haven’t picked up any of Jemisin’s work, do so. Soon.
Homer is S-M-R-T.
Hell, if I had that level of privilege in this world, I can’t say I’D get OFF that bullshit. It’s probably REALLY COMFY bullshit
Yup. And it’s LEGAL, addictive as SHIT . . . and the ONE DRUG, America WON’T happily sell to Black people.
The best offense is unapologetic defense. And the Black Panthers.
The REAL tragic heroes of the latest trilogy, not those brown-skinned dudes and that chick.
I’m sure it’d be more satisfying if this was true, but it’s not — not satisfying or true. Just painful.
I WILL, random-but-apropos internet meme gif! ::salutes with empty martini glass::
Like THIS, previous, random-but-apropos meme gif?
I keep my head up high/ I cross my heart and hope to die/ Lovin’ me is complicated/ Too afraid, a lot of changes/ I’m alright, and you’re a favorite/ Dark nights in my prayers

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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