Some light reading. In case you’re bored:

Seriously. (And check out “logical fallacies” while you’re cruising around Wiki-land.) If your criteria for the things you believe and subscribe to isn’t more strict than . . . only believing a “Wet Paint” sign AFTER you dab with your finger to make sure, then . . . you aren’t thinking/questioning/reasoning NEARLY enough. Your standards may need some raising when it comes to whose word you take and what shenanigans you accept as writ.

Even faith/belief — which is the opposite of reason/knowledge, since once knowledge of a thing is gained, belief in it is irrelevant. E.G. the Law of Gravity doesn’t require one’s knowledge or faith to be fact, but once one understands that it IS a provable fact of the universe, one also doesn’t need to “believe” in gravity . . . or its superstitious counterpart (“Jeebus makes us stick to the ground?!” I don’t even know. Whatever) — requires some sort of vetting process to be respectable and not LAUGHABLE. Or it really, really should. There are some things we literally cannot know. Cannot prove or disprove. These things are unfalsifiable. And attempting to prove the unprovable by feelings, stories, anecdotes, lack of any other handy explanation, or whatever one prefers that isn’t based in evidence, is not only pseudoscience (at best), but it’s a waste of time and the easy excuse of people who have done and do GREAT evil in the name of superstitious good. If you’re a party to religion, I can only imagine that you do so with at least some knowledge of its dangerous and evils and history. And even if you don’t, ignorance is not, in this Information Age, a valid excuse/exception/explanation/safety-net any longer.

Either way, as the person making a positive claim about something, the burden of proof is entirely YOURS (you, of course, DO NOT have to prove anything to ME or to anyone else, but by that token, I also don’t have to respect, accept, or turn a blind eye to your beliefs when they clash with logic and empathy — as beliefs so frequently do — since these beliefs are utterly without evidence/reasonable hypotheses). Which is why I TRY to avoid positive statements about the nonexistence of the supernatural. Such things are unfalsifiable and I’d be painting myself into a corner. I literally cannot shoulder the burden of disproof when proof AND disproof are impossible.

Do I doubt vampires exist? SO MUCH. But I literally cannot prove that they don’t. Or that they do. The same goes for deities. It is UNLIKELY that they exist, but then, it’s unlikely that bees would be aerodynamic. And yet, they frequently buzz my ears as they zip through the air. So, I guess there’s always a POSSIBILITY, no matter how small, that your flavor of imaginary/invisible friend exists? Though why YOURS and not anyone or everyone else’s, as well, or instead, is like — an even smaller possibility.

All gods, unlike bees, are truly unfalsifiable creatures. No matter how ridiculous they are, whether they’re a Flying Spaghetti Monster, an invisible unicorn, or an Sol-orbiting teapot. And they are a hypothesis that is unneeded, as well. There will come a time when science has found the reason for everything. It won’t be soon, but it will come. And where will any deity fit into this explanation? Why would we NEED it to fit into our natural universe, at that point?

We won’t. So, we don’t need it now, either. Deities are a facet of our infancy as a reasoning species. And it’s time to grow up. R’Amen.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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