“The Eight White Identities” . . . how do YOU identify?

A Handy Survival/Recognition Guide for Black Folks

I’m gonna leave this here as a reference for (would-be)allies and/or your friends. This isn’t a joke or a veiled barb. Like the Beckys, these are real people, good and bad. POCs see them everyday. And we realize that not all racists seig heil and march with Tiki torches. Sometimes, the villain has a nice smile and all the nice things to say, even as they drive a dagger into your back. So, ask yourself where you fall on this scale. Because POCs already have. Our answers about where you fall would probably surprise you, but I guarantee you, you HAVE been placed on this scale or something like it. Not because POCs enjoy judging you, but because our assessment and judgment of white people and situations in which we engage with them can literally be life and death. If you see an insult here, remember: POCs see survival. Not getting maimed or killed — or even avoiding verbal harassment — is worth more to us than soothing your ego-driven butt-hurt. Know that and know that many of us, POCs, have internal scales that look something like this. Our experience has lead to its perpetuation, and our desire for relative safety and semi-happiness demands that we keep it handy. That’s a truth that we live. And if you don’t like . . . imagine how we feel about it.

Thanks to my pal, Billie, for the link to this ♥ — and for also reminding me to actually post the link. I need more sleep. . . .

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