Should be required watching for Liberals and would-be Progressives.
Perhaps. But I can’t not let my conscience be my guide. Hopefully, that’s true of most people.
Why would I say something so controversial, yet so brave?
I DO like my hugs. . . .
Why not, if we’re trawling the dregs for partial-dregs? Queue up behind Dr. Zoidberg, Mayor Pete.
I said what I said. I stan who and what I stan.
It could happen . . . fuck you, it COULD!
What’s his stance on more affordable housing in the tonier neighborhoods of R’lyeh?
Scruffy knows the odds. Scruffy plays the dogs and the ponies. And, notoriously, Washbucket.
But never stop being best. Keep not NOT keepin’ on.


. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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