THIS HAPPENED. To a CHILD. And when we, as a country, forget or ignore that this happened TO A CHILD, is when eight year olds get lynched.

Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 — August 28, 1955)

(By Source, Fair use,

You wanna see what a lack of empathy leads to? What not caring lets happen? Wanna see what a brown-skinned, fourteen year old American, circa 1955, looks like for his funeral, after getting beaten, mutilated, and shot dead . . . then dumped in a fucking river? Do you wanna know what dragging your feet and being “moderate” on people who will lynch an EIGHT YEAR OLD can turn into?

If you don’t, I REALLY suggest you DON’T click on this link:

I’m through fucking around with playing nice and sparing feelings. THIS is what “moderation” and Centrism — banal, uncaring, unempathetic, tone-policed, respectability politics-elevating, self-concerned, do-nothing EVIL — can lead to. And if you’re angrier about me linking to this atrocity, than you are about it having HAPPENED — happened to a CHILD, who lived through TORTURE and AGONY and TERROR, until he was shot in the head — and his mother having to bury her son knowing what unimaginable horrors he’d suffered to his last agonized breath . . . then our priorities and experiences differ fundamentally.

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