This one goes out to all the white supremacists, and the purveyors and supporters of centering a white supremacist narrative to subvert the lives and experiences of Black people and other people of color: STOP IT.

Randos gonna rando and white supremacists gonna white supremacist. The Circle of Life moves us all.
So, say we all, fellow Black person.
And Mr. Paul Mooney agrees with me. He also says, that if Hollywood turns THIS ARTICLE into a movie, it’ll probably star Tom Cruise or one of the other Toms, even if the working title is “Black-Ass beetle’s Black-Ass FIlm about Black-Ass Things.”
Yeah, buuuuut . . . really, it’s still failing down. You just can’t see it. And that’s one of MANY sad realities about a lifetime of being allowed to fail up.
For those of us who can’t help but keep score.
You heard NeNe. BYE.


. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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