This was a well-written piece, with points well-made and truth to the Nth degree.

Too bad so many responders seemed to miss that clear, concise point. But I guarantee you, most of your Black and non-head-up-ass white readers get it. And can do so without making it about THEIR BUTTHURT and WHITE FRAGILITY, or about what YOU DID WRONG and how YOU SHOULD DO THINGS to re-train THEIR racist-ass mutts.

YOU don’t need to do a damn thing when SOMEONE ELSE’S dog poses a threat to you and that isn’t addressed by the owner. Well . . . maybe you need to get a better set of white friends . . . or none at all if the pickings aren’t great. No shade, that struggle is real. But any adult with the self-and situational awareness, and the responsibility/accountability level of a caught-out eight year old isn’t decent friend material in the long-run. Neither is their dog.

I hope you make better friends with better pets, because you deserve that much. We all do.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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