A Token White Friend . . . but not MY.

Werd. And some virtue-signaling. Not to mention respectability politics and tone-policing. . . .
And here’re the GPS coordinates, so you don’t get lost.
::warms hands on mug::
Why is ANY of us ho’s here??? But, seriously, tho . . . STAY IN YO LANE, HO.
Well, true, but. . . it’s been a good eighteen hours without, for me. That counts, right? Right? Bueller?
And always remember to hydrate, too.
Locking and loading is a fine, old American tradition. It’s kinda how we deal with tyrants, villains, parasitic overlords, and other malfeasors.

. . . just a beetle with progressive values, strident opinions, and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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