Truth to power, and engagingly written. I relate to every bit of it. What makes it so spot-on is that so many on social media use these tactics for ANY convo that is too challenging or hits too close to home or here they're trying to discredit or gaslight. It's no different when racists use it. And these are the tactics of a preteen being used by adults. It's obvious and embarrassing. It should be also be obvious which tactics are being use when and why, depending on the conversation. ESPECIALLY these days and ESPECIALLY when the topic is white supremacy, anti-Black racism, and topics around them.

All one has to do is ask WHY someone of supposedly good faith would use a CARTOON FACE in the middle of any serious conversation--one that the other person(s) is clearly invested in--and the obvious answer of "the emoji-wielder doesn't want to hear/allow any truth but their own," stands out like a neon sign. That's doubly true about discussion on race and ethnicity.

And it's good that those emoji-wielding racists know that we see them and we know what they're doing. Being civil to them because we sometimes HAVE TO BE doesn't mean we don't see and don't remember. And it sure doesn't mean their time isn't running the hell out.

THANK YOU for this. You're giving me life and HEART. Those are in short supply, some days.

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