Maybe it’s that lately, EVERYTHING seems like fucking bullshit. Bullshit that’s being used to distract not the oppressed from their oppression . . . but the oppressors/those who benefit from oppression, from their own fucking culpability and cowardice. From their selfishness and lack of empathy. Maybe it’s that that drive from me an explosive, but extremely sincere:


And how did they get HANNIBAL BURRESS to be their token “See? It’s not ludicrous and vapid and irrelevant and stupid — and yeah, random-ass “white nonsense” because we have a black guy involved!”-Black Guy? I’m genuinely curious because I can’t A-B-C my way to a logical answer that isn’t “short term financial gains,” or “recently sustained head injury.”

Or possibly, “they got dirt and they know where some bodies are buried.”

However, as this is supposedly “based on a true story,” I’m willing to bet there was NOT a token black guy in “Real” Life because black men who make a habit of running from white men end up shot dead for holding a cell phone. (See one of my previous posts and, um ALL OF HISTORY EVER, if you’d like further details.) Black twelve-year-olds end up that way, so really . . . there couldn’t have even been a Black One past the age of twelve. And if this took place in New Hampshire, past the age of eight, since they like to get a jump on lynching brown kids, there

In the wake of EVERYTHING — see, “ALL OF HISTORY EVER “— that’s BEEN going on, and in light of this moment in the history of the U.S. and the world . . . this bullshit made me quote “Kimmy Schmidt.” Made something from that show RELEVANT to my life. I’m not pleased. Not about any of this.

“What ‘white nonsense’ is this?”

It’s a legit question. I — like many PoC — ask it sometimes on an hourly basis. That’s just life on Earth, yo. But today . . . the asking has been every few minutes. So, slightly more frequent than most day. But it fucking FOUNTAINED out of me see the trailer for the movie “Tag” when I was trying to listen to my goddamn YT comfort-playlist.

Fuck YouTube and fuck “Tag.” Fuck the people who made this slickly-designed clusterfuck. If this is your idea of timely and relevant film-making — of using your voice to make the world hopefully better . . . fuck you. I was perfectly happy not knowing this stupid, shit-looking film existed, and in the middle of my despair and comfort-seeking, you force me to sit through previews for the shit-fest before I can hear the playlist I came for — sought comfort from?

Fuck you, and your irreverent irrelevance. Fuck you for this tripe being the creative meal on your plate. Fuck you for making me have to think about the unfairness of “Tag” being a highlighting, positive experience in the lives and worlds of some, while far too many others attempting to live the same way wouldn’t survive it. Literally WOULD NOT survive it. Fuck you for trying to come across as “diverse” with your tokenism — a Black AND a woman! Woo-hoo! — and make your horseshit seem legit by throwing some melanin and estrogen on it.

Just . . . fuck you.

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