Well thought-out and well-executed. Painful because it’s true. I’m ace/aro, myself, but most of my friends are not. I hurt for invalidating of women of color in ANY of the many ways that manifests, but this one seems particularly unfair, both as romantic consequence and lack of representation in media.

Frankly, even when they don’t contribute directly to it, white women stand to gain more from patriarchy than women of color. White Feminism (versus Intersectional Feminism) is all about using the support of women of color and other minorities, then darting into the patriarchy storehouse and locking the door behind them before anyone else can get in.

That’s a well-established trend that so many are trying to address, but . . . cut the head off a hydra and two more appear.

It’s tiring, disheartening work, but there’s nothing for it but to carry on. And it helps that not all white women are White Feminists. There are some true allies out there. They just tend to be few and far between, in comparison.

The casting of this show, in this era, in this year, after the past FEW YEARS is a disgrace. An easily avoidable one that NO ONE associated with this show saw as important enough to be worth avoiding — nor women of color as being worth doing right by. And that’s all the problem right there.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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