Imagine if the police had killed some likely “assailant/perp/fancy cop-term for unarmed, innocent POC,” because of this evil, attention-seeking dipshit’s lies. Just imagine. You don’t even have to share your work with the rest of the class. And please don’t respond if you’re only gonna dispute the likelihood of such a been there/done that outcome. Or throw some fucking Strawman hashtag like “notallcops” or whatever, out to deflect. Neither of those things are my point, nor the point of the Movement, and if you think they are and feel the need to minimize reality for most of the world . . . Question your motives. Seriously. And maybe back up off your narcissism and butthurt and need to devalue my reality. People of color can, do, and are DYING. Not just being mistreated, detained, looked askance at, and roughed up a bit. DYING over this kind of evil shit. Because of the lies of an unhinged racist. This is about that and them. I see this constantly and I recognize it. I’ve never had the luxury of pretending otherwise. I see YOU and your responses, lack thereof, and false equivalencies. I see you bending over backwards to rationalize evil you won’t really acknowledge, let alone speak on or fight. And I assure you, after a lifetime of you, I see/understand who you really are FAR more clearly than you will ever see me. So, save the “yeah, but,” for someone else’s wall if you can’t keep it to yourself. I will not unsee my experiences, instinct, and truth to appease you and pat your head. I will not gloss over deadly realities that I live in fear of, or put up with apologists. This is what I’m about and I’mma BE ABOUT IT until racism, bigotry, and prejudice are dead, or I am

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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