Where’s the lie, though? FANDOM (Star Wars)and when “preference” is often synonymous with “racism.”

Well? Where’s the lie? I’m listening. Come at me with some evidence and logic that this is wrong. Or with really deep meta on how you relate to the space fascist/Nazis because they’re Misunderstood and Has Sads.

Or just be honest and bottom-line admit that you prefer a murderous, entitled genocidal douchenozzle — who’s been given EVERY advantage — who’s white, over a black man. One who’s complex, been traumatized/abused/unloved for nearly his whole KIDNAPPED AND BRAINWASHED LIFE, yet still manages to find and cultivate an IMPRESSIVE moral compass/center. One who had no choice about the team he played for until he got one on the battlefield . . . and showed his true quality.

I mean, yeah, I’m sure for some, it’s the ALL ABOUT Driver’s abs, and the Kylo-angst and . . . whatever else he has going on (personally, I think Boyega’s adorbs AND FINE-AS-FUCK . . . especially that impish smile). But Kylo Ren, like Armitage Hux, is basically space!Stalin. Or space!Hitler. Or a piquant amalgam of both.

So, yeah. Abs and angst. Great. But genocide, too. Patricide. Attempted matricide. Assault and torture on the woman who so many love to ship him with. Betrayals and lies and murder. An ethos that would have him kill a galaxy as an end . . . not a means.

Now, I’m ACE as a motherfucker, and maybe can’t speak to all the levels of physical attraction non-ACES feel. However, I would hope that in the grand weighing of Pros and Cons, when little things like character, personality, ethics, and loyalty-trustworthiness are concerned, that abs and angst — okay, and yeah, he’s got GREAT hair — would not put the smackdown on all that stuff I just mentioned in bold. Kylo Ren is not a quality person in any way. Maybe he once was. Maybe he could have been a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (or in all the fics where he’s given FINN’S FUCKING REDEMPTION-HERO STORY ARC). But in this time and galaxy, he’s FUCKING SPACE!STALIN. And there ain’t enough abs, angst, and Pantene in the goddamn universe to make romanticizing/glamorizing the canon character okay. To make it anything other than the sad commentary on the state of the world that it is.

My country and world overwhelmingly ship Rey with Space!Stalin, rather than with a legit hero who overcame his fear, his BRAINWASHING, and even his fucking survival instinct, all to save someone he cared about. THAT FUCKING OFFENDS ME. MAKING SPACE NAZIS AND FACISTS “RELATABLE” AND “SAD” AND “MISUNDERSTOOD” IN A TIME AND GALAXY WHERE PEOPLE GET MURDERED BY ACTUAL FASCISTS AND NAZI SIMPLY FOR SKIN COLOR AND BELIEFS AND LIFESTYLE OFFENDS ME.

The only thing that offends me more is people who act like that’s okay. That it’s all just “preference,” — which it is, I suppose . . . some people prefer romances that feature space nazis, just like some people prefer romances that feature nervous doofballs; these are facts, and what they say about their subjects is certainly up for discussion and debate — and that everyone should just shut up, accept everyone’s ‘ships regardless of the reasoning and motivations behind them, and sing Kumbaya.

Nah, dude. beetle’s not the one.

Rey doesn’t have to be shipped with anyone, let alone a man (and except for her sometimes being ‘shipped with Jessika Pava, I prefer my Rey ACE/ARO). Let alone a Force-user — and DO NOT tell me we weren’t baited/conned by TFA into thinking Finn would be Force-sensitive — but the fact that so many insist that Finn is NOT complex enough, NOT hero enough (despite being the one who overcame his brainwashing, unlike Kylo Ren, who embraced that shit, then took it and RAN), NOT WORTHY enough of more than Rey’s fond, condescending sufferance and sisterly Friendzoning.

beetle’s not the one, y’all. Not today or any other day. Keep that in mind, should you choose to respond to this post with an opposing viewpoint. I AM NOT THE ONE. Not on this subject-on racism in Fandom — and not ever.

And maybe have the fucking balls to admit that halfway attractive(???) white men will always Get The Girl in fandom — even (especially???) if they’re space!Stalin. If fandom doesn’t start admitting that, especially those of us who don’t like this sad, gross fact, it’ll never change. Yes, I dislike Kylo Ren, Hux, and the Reylo pairing for MANY reasons. The racism, fascism, prejudice, assault, supremacist ethos that come with those things are just a few of them. But they’re the most important, because — my personal taste in romantic dynamics aside — THOSE -ISMS ARE BAD. REALLY, REALLY BAD. I don’t want them romanticized, glamorized, or NORMALIZED. That’s not “deep,” “layered,” or “edgy” storytelling, and character development/arcs. It’s pandering to a common denominator that is base and lower than the topsoil in Hades. That’s all. And yeah, maybe #NOTALLREYLOS are ain’t-shit-half-assed-racist-douches. But if that silent (hopefully) majority doesn’t start policing their shit and handling their bidness — the LARGE, VOCIFEROUS contingent of their ranks who, in fact, ARE ain’t-shit-half-assed-racist-douches — then we ALL have a problem.

Evil and wrongness are not synonymous with complexity or being exciting. Nor are goodness and sterling character synonymous with simplicity or being boring.

Except when race is part of the dynamic. As-per-fucking-usual.

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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