Yes, white liberals. I’m talking to YOU.

So, this is a response to a comment by a friend, to a link I recently posted. I kinda thought I was done speaking up about respectability politics and tone-policing, but . . . apparently speaking-up is NEVER done.

Liberals don’t get off light in the razing just because they pay lip service to their supposed ideals. When they preach equality, then take kitschy photos with people of Sean Spicer’s ilk, they get the sharp side of my tongue and the hammer-fall of my judgment (yeah . . . I’m taking a hard-line stance on this, and judging Nazis. They suck) just like every other Nazi-sympathizer (or, as I call them, “Nazis”).

So, yet again, and a little louder and more strident, for y’all in the back:

“Yes. And #alllivesmatter, #notallcops, #notallwhitepeople.

“Liberal butt-hurt means less than nothing to me, nor should it. If the support/performative allyship of liberals is contingent on me kissing ass, and keeping my mouth shut about injustices and hypocrisy, then I don’t want it. If the price of (fake) empathy is to look the other way when liberals behave VERY badly, then I choose not to pay it.

“Yeah, NOT ALL, but ENOUGH. Enough that we HAVE to say #blacklivesmatter because otherwise, they don’t. Not even to those who claim ALL lives do.

“”Not sure why this person wants to make an enemy of Libs.” As if liberal support for justice and equality is right or fair to be contingent on POCs and other minorities playing nice. Respectability politics and tone-policing are things that people in general do not like being shoved at them as a response to their pain and suffering. Not as a price to pay for something that should be a right that EVERYONE fights to make sure EVERYONE ELSE has.

“”Liberal” or fasicst, I’m keeping receipts. So are other people of color. We can’t afford to do otherwise. It’s literally a matter of quality of life, if not outright survival for us. So, yeah. James Corden and others stood up to be counted with the enemy. He took PICTURES OF HIMSELF KISSING SOMEONE WHO IS, AT BEST, A NAZI-SYMPATHIZER AND MOUTHPIECE. I mean . . . is my anger surprising or out of hand at this very likely liberal-voting/leaning person’s hypocrisy? Liberals want their sheet cake and want to eat it, too. They want to shout “EQUALITY” then get photo ops with Nazis. They want to give deplorable wastes of skin the Hollywood make-over then look the other way when eight year olds are lynched by teenagers.

“If liberals are butt-hurt about not being appreciated and not having their asses kissed by a grateful nation full of disenfranchised minorities, then then they should try walking their talk with more consistency. (And maybe also not throw out Strawmen-threats/whinging of “don’t make me an enemy!” when they should be asking: “How can I do better?”

“To which, the short answer is: Don’t take cute photo-ops with Nazi-sympathizers, for starters.)

“So, yeah. #notallcops, #alllivesmatter, #notallwhitepeople, #notalllibs. Quack, quack, quack. Should POCs hold an awards ceremony, since that’s the case? Because apparently #nothingmattersasmuchaswhiteliberalbutthurt. #notevenequalityjusticesafetyforall.

“POCs are dying. Being stepped on, belittled, suffering, and dying. Some of them are children. Have been for hundreds of years, at least. It shows no signs of abating for all our struggle and fighting and patience. And SOME liberals are whining about their feelings being hurt? And when SOME of them are doing shit that casts them as antagonists on the world stage (such as suggesting eating sheet cake as a clever response to injustice and murder, and thinking kissing Nazi-shills is an appropriate photo op to tweet)? They’re blubbering because we can see them for what they actually are. And this IS what they are. WHO they are. At the end of the day, there’s: taking photo ops with Nazi-sympathizers . . . and there’s: NOT taking photo ops with Nazi-sympathizers. If a so-called liberal can’t even pass that litmus test, they should be ashamed to call themselves human, let alone a liberal. And I will certainly not be calling them either.

“Yeah. YOU’RE a liberal who cares. Good on you. But that doesn’t make up for the steaming pile of liberal sound bites-spewing hypocrites who don’t care at all. And policing the tone of/foisting “respectability” politics on people who are suffering and unsafe and at the receiving end of injustice doesn’t help. It is cruel and outlandish. That is how statements such as “Not sure why this person wants to make an enemy of Libs” come across. As if, should POCs make “liberals” mad, those liberals will take their, ahem, “support” and their red rubber ball, and go home. And pout. And eat sheet cake that they WILL NOT be sharing with mean ol’ US. And, surprisingly, POCs DO NOT appreciate that. Especially when the liberals in this instance are DEAD-FUCKING-WRONG.

“SUPPORT OF JUSTICE AND EQUALITY SHOULD BE BEYOND QUESTION EVEN IF I (OR EVERY MINORITY) SPENT MY DAYS SPEWING VILE INVECTIVE AT EVERY WHITE LIBERAL I CROSS PATHS WITH. Because those are rights, or should be. Not because I’ve earned it by playing to the self-centered, selfish expectations of some privileged, cake-eating, kiss-bestowing Nazi.

“TL;DR? You kiss Nazis (and, stupidly, where everyone can see you do so)? You ARE a Nazi. Apparently a proud one, too. And even though the qualifier “sympathizer” could be used, I won’t, because if you “sympathize” with an evil (kiss it on its cute, ruddy little cheek), you’re as good as committing it. Is this UNtrue? Or simply only true in certain circumstances?”

. . . just a beetle with opinions and an internet connection. You’ve been warned.

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