“You say you want a revolution, man [then keep voting for ‘lesser’ evils which only ingrain and empower our current stagnant, super-evil system]. . . ? Then, I say that you’re full of shit.”*

THAT. Seriously:

*You said you wanted evolution.
The ape was a great, big hit.
You say you want a revolution, man,
And I say that you’re full of shit.

— “Disposable Teens,” Marilyn Manson, Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)

Yeah. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah.

But, mostly . . . THIS:

Egging on and legitimizing blindly capitalist kakistocracies WILL NOT save us. Only “WE” will save “US.” Or . . . maybe Batman might. MAYBE.

Cued up to 11:28, though the whole show is, as always, worth listening to. But from 11:30 to 24:26, guest host Q brings truth to power. And with such clarity and force, he got motherfuckers up in here, like:

I ALWAYS have some form of accelerant on me. ALWAYS. Never-you-mind, why.

But, my usual random, violent-ass “humor” aside? Real Talk with Grown Folks?

I know I’ve used your gif a lot, Mr. Paul Mooney, but it’s so perfectly exemplary of “What even is life?” at this point in the game. I don’t fix what ain’t broke.

We can’t fix evil from INSIDE that same evil. And the fact that the evil in which we live — that’s become the very air we breathe and the only reality we know or can even imagine, in some cases — is so, so pervasive and overarching it’s PERFECTLY illustrative of just how evil such a slow-rot system truly is.

NONE OF THIS SYSTEM AND SOCIETY IS RIGHT. YOU KNOW THAT. None of it is good or just or equitable. None of it is empathetic or even compassionate. IT ISN’T. And if you think it truly is or truly can be, and that if we simply vote for lesser evils within the giant, overarching, permeating evil that’s supported by all these lessers and is killing us not-so-slowly. . . .

I BELIEVE that’s actually spelled: “M-O-R-A-N-S” . . . ya fuckin’ moran.

Well, if you think that, then I imagine that’s part of why you think voting for lesser evils can be in any way effective in creating and maintaining real good.

OR . . . you think that ineffective evil and effective good, are the same thing, in the end. That there’s no such thing as a system of “good” and “justice” and “equity” that’s achievable, only varying levels of “irredeemably corrupt.” And our best bet is to aim for the least awful level and maintain our fingernail-hold of such a state. In which case. . . .

Take your privileged, cynical, SELFISH ass out of my sight. And don’t EVER speak to me again. On this, I am NOT making a funny.

But assuming most voters are True Believers in the power of their cast ballot . . . I suppose y’all’re just gonna do you. The fact that you are and that there’s at least one of you born every minute, is . . . wearying. You believers in the power of the sanctity of voting lesser evils into power to combat the evil on which they THRIVE . . . YOU and everyone like you, are helping to foster the next great revolution. YOU are the reason there will be even more blood in the gutters, more chaos and death when that revolution comes. YOU are EXACTLY the reasons why the U.S.’s terrible faking of representative democracy has grown such a strong stranglehold that it will only eventually be broken with the lives of the dedicated and long-sighted. But, if it gots to be’s this way, then. . . .

Have any of us ever truly had any other kind of day? Seriously?


Figuratively and literally, if they can manage both. Bear in mind: They DO control nuclear arsenals, as well as arsenals that are less devastating, but still effective at, er . . . crowd-control.

If voting actually did what many claim it does — who knows? In a system that was less corrupt and broken, it might — those in power wouldn’t let us do it. They WOULD NOT allow us any tool that would threaten their power. And they haven’t. They KNOW that most people will settle for that lesser evil. And that no matter who wins an election, THE SYSTEM ALWAYS WINS IF IT MAINTAINS LEGITIMACY AND POWER, AND KEEPS SUCKERED PARTICIPANTS IN THRALL.

The system always wins and it is EVIL. We are LITERALLY letting evil win EVERY SINGLE TIME — ENCOURAGING IT TO WIN. If you can prove that’s not what’s happening, I invite you to do so.

And they BEST NOT be smeared or smudged.

Buuuuuut you can’t. Everyone sees that it is and knows that it is. And we all know voting for one evil over another is literally picking a slightly slower slide into Hell. And even the “slightly slower” bit is subjective and variable.

This is why I will not vote in a presidential election again or even state elections. Perhaps not even in local elections, since local governments, though actually managing to get useful things done with some regularity, are ALSO CORRUPT. They’re part of that same big, evil system, and the idea of even voting in local elections disgusts and disheartens me, now. NO PART OF THIS SYSTEM IS NOT EVIL. I’m not fooling myself about that anymore. ANY vote is a vote for evil, and deciding which evil is “lesser” is equivocating and purely point-of-view. Purely shortsighted pragmatism and — in this case and to my ethical mores — UN-ethical. Kind of like:

Me: “I HATE BAD GOVERNMENT!” ::votes in U.S. elections::

Me: “I HATE MURDER!” ::stabs people in the throat::

::slurps ostentatiously::

We are beyond fixing this shit with the ballot, and the petty factioning of broken political parties and wings and ideologies. We haven’t the time and the time we’ve taken on such a futile endeavor has cost too many lives.

So, I’m done with local elections, too. Because, great, that this candidate or that for local-political-shit wants to fund foodbanks and shelters. But why aren’t voters asking themselves AND these politicos WHY there’s still a NEED for foodbanks and shelters and charities, if our systems and society — if VOTING has worked out so well for us the past couple hundred years, on ANY level? WHY? Why isn’t that need plateauing or declining . . . or GONE?

Seriously, y’all . . . fuck the what? If people are STILL starving and homeless and disenfranchised and dehumanized . . . what even are ANY of our systems of government FOR????

Ask yourself why you’re voting for and saying YES to EVIL, no matter how lesser, and ask yourself what such a perpetuating cycle of mediocre evils running things will do to a nation and a world and a species.

Fair warning, though: I asked myself that, once upon a time, and . . . well, you’ve seen my recent rants. Caveat emptor, if you go down that road. You may find it VERY difficult to keep supporting and legitimizing evils . . . no matter how seemingly insignificant.

Or . . . you might not. YMMV. . . .


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