Should be required watching for Liberals and would-be Progressives.

Where’s the lie, though? Probably in the same place as all the “hope and change.”

Perhaps. But I can’t not let my conscience be my guide. Hopefully, that’s true of most people.

That strike should’ve happened. I have never more firmly believed that (NEO-)LIBERALISM is the truest enemy of PROGRESSIVES. A far quieter and more deadly one than any Conservatism — or any weird-ass, Ayn Rand-style Libertarianism.

I can't say I'm NOT glad that asshole is dead.

I can't condone murder, either, though.

What's right isn't always legal and what's legal isn't always right. I think laws against vigilantism exist and persist for VERY good reasons. Not every case is this cut-and-dried--with incontrovertible video proof. The next father might not have such horrifying evidence. He might have suspicions that turn out to be unfounded or mistaken. He might be WRONG and kill a person over a crime of which they are innocent.

That's why vigilantism is illegal and punishable.

So, I will never condone murder for any…

You're one HELLUVA lady. You took the high-road with class, and still managed to say what SO MANY in similar shoes are thinking.

It ISN'T your fault she's a bitch and likely a Karen, too. And as much fun as she sucked out of this First for you ... she has to live the rest of HER LIFE being ... HER, Firsts to Lasts. Being That Bitch in the worst way--the most cowardly way: trying to talk cash-money shit but to scared to either say it out loud or shut all way up and be polite.

All that many, you…

The whole turn off for me and a lot of folks I know, regarding John Carter was the glorification of a Confederate soldier--his elevation from a traitor to his country to the hero of a whole world. That is absolutely mindblowing and NOT in a good way AT ALL.

And having had conversations with a LOT of my friends (Black, as am I) about other movies that do the same thing for America's Losingest Traitors--whether it's The Beguiled, Cold Mountain, or that thing that recently came out with Tom Hanks--that puts a real damper on the enjoyment of a film…

I remember Judith Barsi so well. Her voice. I LOVED her in The Land Before Time (she played Ducky!). I've always remembered her name and her beautiful little VOICE--she was one of the reasons that I've always kept tract of VO actors and where they turn up. But I had never found out how she died until now ... that she was killed by her parent.

One of my adult family members must have told me that she had died--I was eight when she was killed--but didn't or wouldn't tell me how. I'd eventually assumed leukemia or cancer or something…

A text your humble bug sent to friends in the immediate aftermath of the verdict for the Derek Chauvin Trial (approx. 5pm, EST).

Derek Chauvin had just been found guilty on all counts, with sentencing to come. I texted the above message to a group chat with some friends.

I had been waiting with held breath alongside (over some airwaves) these friends for an hour that’d felt like eternity in an eye-blink. And I was relieved and slightly more hopeful about many things after hearing the verdict. I felt gratitude. But even then, I recognized that this might just be an outlier. We still have so many beloved dead and living to secure accountability for and FROM.

This verdict isn’t justice, to borrow…

If only any Black person, child or adult, got to be this naïve so far into their double digits-numbers. Or naïve into their double digit-years at all. . . .

I tried to comment on the video but Youtube wouldn’t let me. Dunno what’s going on there, but . . . sus AF.

Here’s what I tried to leave:

Mike, they know who Breonna Taylor is. They know Cori Bush is NOT Breonna Taylor. But all Black folks look alike and there’s no real difference between us, soooooo. . . .

That’s the point. That’s ALWAYS the point, much…

I know, Mr. Paul Mooney . . . I know. And, yeah, it WILL be starring Tom Hanks. WE ALL KNOW how Hollywood do.

More shenanigans in my favorite and most frequent forum.

I stumbled across the response screen-capped below, whilst trawling the comments section of an article on Very Smart Brothas (part of, titled:

Yeah, It’s Time to Bury the Cutesy ‘Karen’ Nickname for Dangerous White Women.”

An alternative title could be: ‘Thing That Happens on Days That End in “Y” . . . Also Happens Today, Too.’

This is America
Don’t catch you workin’ now
Don’t catch you workin’ now
Look what I’m doin’ now
This is America (Woo)
Don’t catch you deliverin’ now
Don’t catch you deliverin’ now
Look what I’m leavin’ now

This is America (Skrrt, skrrt, woo)
Don’t catch you breathin’ now (Ayy)
Look how I’m drivin’ now
White Privilege be killin’ now (Woo)
Yeah, this is America (Woo, ayy)
Chads in my area (Word, my area)
I got the gate code (Ayy, ayy)
I gotta go in it
Yeah, yeah…

beetle bailey

I’m just a bug with progressive values, strident opinions, and Interwebz. Black, ace/aro, a-gender, A-spec, ADHD. Âû. A-awesome. You’ve been warned.

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